Our Philosophy

What We Do

Long Ying International provides strategic thinking to achieve client goals for the short, medium, and long-term.  We set out to define problems using a human-centered approach, and identify the drivers and barriers to achieve success.


Our firm wages sophisticated campaigns designed to persuade specific target groups.  We employ the latest research tools and custom-design public information strategies to meet client objectives.


In addition to these services, Long Ying International assists clients in their development of commercial projects that add value keeping in mind flexibility of design, sustainability and maintainability.

Our Experience

Members of the Long Ying International team bring unrivaled experience to the fields of public advocacy, strategic communication, campaign consulting, and business development.

We have decades of experience in the government relations field, having developed extensive relationships at all levels of government.


Long Ying International provides expertise from top former government officials who have served as senior officials on the development of land use projects with a total value of over $2.8 billion, including securing $1.2 billion for investment in housing development in San Francisco.


In addition, Long Ying International team members work on a number of commercial dealings and transactions that total over $1.5 billion.

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